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I joined GCOPK IN 1987.  After initial consolidation, we started contacting our ex-students as an effort to build our old contacts. It was in 1989, that some of our alumni suggested “ We started in 1964 as diploma and in 1965 as degree; why not we celebrate our Silver Jubilee in 1990?” The idea was attractive; but I was not sure how successful we will be in organizing program of silver jubilee. Still I thought of taking the risk. I confided this idea with staff members of GCOPK. Sizable faculty members were alumni of GCOPK. We thought that we can certainly attempt for the program; if it doesn’t succeed we may not repeat it again.

Hence we thought of organizing a get-together of alumni of GCOPK in 1990. That time we were still in the premises of College of Engineering, Karad. We contacted maximum number of alumni. The program of 1990 was extremely successful in terms of enthusiasm of participants and willingness to continue the effort in the subsequent years.  Few alumni gave a suggestion that this kind of get-together should get some official sanctity; hence we thought of having a association of alumni. Since International Pharmacy Students’ Federation (IPSF) with headquarters in Netherlands is a global organization of Pharmacy students, we thought of naming our association as Karad Pharmacy Students’ Federation (KPSF). This is how KPSF was born in 1990 and was registered as a charitable organization in 1993.

One of the major activities of KPSF is arranging get-together of alumni every three years. Accordingly we have organized seven get-togethers in the years 1990, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2002, 2005, & 2008. All the seven get-togethers have been organized in the campus of GCOP, Karad. For the first time 8th get-together in 2011 is being organized in Pune.

From 2005, we started identifying selected achievers from our alumni and recognize their achievements either as a “BEST PHARMCIST “ or as a “ DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI” Few such alumni are identified every year based on suggestions by one proposer and a recommender. Final selection is done by executive committee of Kpsf. There are various suggestions from our alumni regarding the process of nomination. We are evolving; our intentions are genuine. The objective is to make existing students know that sometime in future, you can also reach the pinnacle of your career.  Any of your suggestions regarding identification of achievers is welcome. The names of all awardees are on KPSF website. We do expect that all achievers will help KPSF in promoting their interests.

We don’t want to stop merely at get-togethers; we believe “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. The very fact that in last 21 years, we have met 7 times indicates that the first step is complete. Now we have to work together for progress and also for success of KPSF.

For progress and success, following are some of the prescriptions for KPSF

  • To work out a corpus of minimum Rs. 10 Lacs. as a KPSF-Student Aid Fund (KPSF-SAF)
  • To build up KPSF Alumni House in the campus of GCOPK before 2014 (Please remember that 2014 is our golden jubilee year)
  • To support “KPSF Cultural Center (Kala Manch)” by purchasing adequate musical instruments for GCOPK.
  • To form KPSF NRI Cell.

During the academic year 2006-07 to 2009-2010, entire education of Mr. Bhagwan Lohar was fully supported by KPSF. He cleared B.Pharm in 2010 with Distinction and stood first in the merit of college. Out of four years, three years he was university topper. Financial aid for the education of Mr. Bhagwan Lohar was made from KPSF resources in a ad-hoc manner. We want to instutionalize the process. Hence we propose to generate a KPSF-SAF corpus of at least Rs. 10 Lacs. to begin with. Fortunately, all donations to KPSF are exempted from income-tax under section 80-G. hence my appeal to all alumni is to donate generously from these financial year. Donations can directly be deposited in the KPSF’s Bank account by electronic means.
Bank of Maharashtra

Savings Bank A/C #          : 20158504077
IFSC Code                          : MAHB0000551
PAN #                                   : AAATK8499B

Annual maintenance cost  for one student in Karad is around Rs. 20,000/- On a corpus of Rs. 10 Lacs, we can earn an interest of around Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum. Through this amount, we can finance education of five students of GCOPK annually. In spite of minimal fees there are still non-affording students who need financial support. Let us donate for a right cause.

All of us have a desire to go and stay in the campus of GCOPK at our will; may be with our family. We can also offer our own expertise to the existing students of GCOPK. This can happen if we have alumni house in the campus of GCOPK. Already eight acres of land is in the possession of GCOPK. After permission from state Government, KPSF can build up additional amount besides the corpus to construct alumni house before 2014.

Development of cultural activities in GCOPK is a dire necessity. It can promote extra-curricular activities of students and will also provide a wide platform for engagement of students for constructive purpose. Many students of GCOPK who have adequate talents in cultural activities will get a boost if alumni help them to purchase enough musical instruments. There may be some aid for the purchase of sports item from Govt. schemes; but there is no support for musical instruments. KPSF will support this activity for GCOPK.

Many of our alumni are outside India. Some have gone outside India only for higher education; while some have gone for jobs on behalf of their companies; some have opted to take foreign citizenship. There is a need that names of all of them should be compiled and a strong network should be established.  To begin with few NRI alumni will be identified and they will be asked to promote their network. Subsequently they will be contacted and requested as to how they can help in helping academic and other activities of students at GCOPK.

One of our KPSF NRI, Dr. D. R. Vishwasrao has helped KPSF in a novel way. While leaving India, he requested one of his colleague Mr. S. R. Kalburgi, to contact the college and deliver all his major books to KPSF. Mr. Kalburgi visited GCOPK and did his job perfectly, through this novel activity, now a KPSF Library has been established in GCOPK. Other KPSF alumni can enrich this library further to make more and more books available to students of GCOPK.

Dr. Satish Bhise.

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